News17A Coffee House Concert Review…

Once again, each and every piece sent pure emotion through the audience and kept even my two year old granddaughter spellbound at the edge of her seat. We were taken back in time with “Skool Daze” ~ moved to tears during “Somewhere” / laughed / cheered / couldn’t help but bop in our seats while watching “Footloose”!

This year’s performance was the best one yet. Each number flowed without curtain interruption. Past Company Member and dancer, Miloš Crvić, sat as a spectator for the first time, said it best after the first half, “My peeps are killing it on the stage. Great first half Aaron Gilliam, Kelly Ludwig, Mikayla Robinson, Lucetta Furr, Toria West, Michelle Purdy at Hylton Performing Arts Center.”
The demands from the truly gifted and brilliant teachers and choreographers and from each and every talented member’s grueling rehearsals paid off. Aaron Gilliam’s charisma captivates; Mikayla Robinson defies gravity as Kelly Ludwig dazzles, Shontal Snider tugged at our heart with her powerful piece “Last Goodbye”; Parris Lacey took us on a “Journey” with the strength and grace of his movement.

The entire show was professionally produced and as always, Woodbridge Dance Company keeps us wanting more!

It will be difficult to top this year’s performance with the anticipated shift in Woodbridge Dance Company’s members moving away ~ as is Sabrina Furr and possibly others ~ but certainly, Lucetta will find a way.

 “A Coffee House Concert Collection” Audience Reviews 

“I traveled 2 hours to see the Jan 15th performance by WDC because my godson was performing. It was worth every inconvenience!! This was entertainment at a level far above “amateur”! The choreography, SPECTACULAR! These instructors are top notch, very talented! And it seemed they took the strengths of each individual and really made them stand out while serving the whole group and the end result was “out-a-sight” energy, entertainment, artistic beauty. There were some breath-taking moments, some inspiring moments, a lot of just plain fun moments..AWESOME! The behind the scenes crew were fantastic to be able to keep everything rolling from one seamless moment to the next; how extraordinary for a small community dance company! One of the best performances I have seen including big name/big screen events…and definitely something I will look forward to repeating! Thank you WDC!!!”

~ “A Coffee House Concert Collection” Audience Member

“Congratulations on a great show! The venue was beautiful, the routines were clean, unique, and very stylized. The first routine was amazing, the Helen Keller piece was interesting, and the contemporary duo was incredible! I also love the entertainment between the routines. Altogether it was a great show and you and your sister should be very proud!”

~ “A Coffee House Concert Collection” Audience Member

“I recently attended “The Coffee House Concert Collection” peformance on Jan 15th at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. I have to say, I was blown away.

As a musician, it was refreshing and inspiring to see another form of such awesome expression and art. Some of the performances were hip/cool/fun while others were incredibly moving with full blown explorations of themes and movements. It was fantastic to see kids, teens and young adults putting hard work into perfecting their art and delivering with such precision and incredible beauty. The Illusionist, Joe Romano, provided a fun comic relief inbetween sets. Kudos to the studio’s choreographers and instructors for stretching these young creative minds and further developing their amazing talent.

Overall, an amazing show and a great way to spend a Saturday night. What else can I say? You should go see their performances if you can. You will not be disapointed. “

~ “A Coffee House Concert Collection” Audience Member

Best Cultural and Arts Organization of the Year


The Prince William Chamber of Commerce has recently recognized the Woodbridge Dance Company as the “Best Cultural and Arts Organization of the Year.”  Congratulations all of the PWC Business Awards 2008 winners!  With their dedication to business and community excellence, they truly exemplify the dynamic energy of the New Prince William County!